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Features and Reliability
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Features and Reliability

Features and Reliability

Servers located in Portugal
Our servers are hosted in a national datacenter (Lisbon) thus being able to offer a high quality service namely in latency that is in average lower than 30ms originating at most of the national ISP. This fact is also important for the customers of national operators that distinguish nationa and international traffic.

Internet Access at 100Mbps
Our servers are connected to the Internet at 100mbps to provide a superior quality of service to all customers. We are hosted in a datacenter that have several Gbps of Internet connectivity to Portugal and also abroad.

Daily backups
Every day backups are made to outside of the server and the datacenter in a way to ensure that in case of a major disaster critical data will not be lost. (Not applicable to all offered services)

Secure datacenter
mong other features, this ones stand out:
- Anti-seismic structure;
- Armored Doors;
- Permanent physical security (24x7x365 days);
- Fire detection systems;
- Toxic gases detection system;
- Flooding detection system;
- Redundant automatic fire extinguishing system (Inergen);
- Moisture and environment control system;
- Transformation stations with a total capacity of 6.0MW;
- N + 1 redundant UPS system;
- N + 1 redundant 1600KVA diesel generators system with fuel for 12 hours on-site;
- Constant monitoring of vital systems (UPS, PDU, HVAC, temperature, humidity, security, fire-fighting/detection and connectivity);
- Redundant connectivity in the building through multiple fiber optic inputs for different paths;

Business stability
Behind Atlantic Gate is a stable company founded in 2003 and experienced in the area. Even before the founding in 2003, one of the founders of the current company did already provide such services to their customers, many of whom still benefit our experience and transparency.

VAT not included.